Half designer, half creative and a third techie

Hi! I work as Creative director and have a background in design, digital and innovation. For the last ten years I have been working in Stockholm and London.

I've always have been interested in technology and digital interactions, starting in the early 90's when I got my first PC and started to code websites and constantly playing my NES. I have a passion for building things - from products and campaigns to companies and brands.

Contact me at +46 736 229 155 or hammarchristian@gmail.com

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× Concept director BBH Stockholm
× Creative director Gullers Grupp
× Founder & Creative director Wolfmother Co.
× Acting partner & Creative FLB Europa
× Mentor Berghs SoC
× Creative Jung Relations
× Creative Tesch London
× (Intern) Art Director Fallon London
× (Intern) Art Director ANR BBDO
× (University) Art direction Berghs SoC


× Webby Awards
× Lovie Awards
× D&AD
× One Show
× Kolla!
× The FWA
× Awwwards