Halo 4 Launch Campaign

Xbox was finally launching the next saga in the Halo Universe, Halo 4. Five years had passed since the prequel, so how do we ignite the sleepy fans to get excited and preorder the new game?

Are you worthy ¶
We challenged the fans by creating an online competition set in the Halo universe, where the only the true fans would get access to an exclusive Halo launch event in a top secret venue in Stockholm. But the tickets was limited and the questions were incredibly nerdy, only the true Halo fans would pull it off.

Keeping to the story ¶
Launching a game is all about creating loads of content for people to dig in to. But we also knew we had to get it right, otherwise fans would tear the campaign apart if something felt off. So after months of research about the Halo universe we started to leak pieces of content to the community to gain traction. Our hero was General Jack Waters, calling recruits to gear up, teasing and planting easter eggs. He also played the main character at the main live event.

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