Concept & technology

Hilliard's Instagram Machine

Hilliard’s, a Seattle based brewery, were launching a can version of their popular Amber Ale and our mission was to get people outside the beer community to try it and of course earn space in peoples' feeds.

We created an afterwork concept which would tour around popular venues and events with a classic vending machine which people could interact with. But instead of paying for your beer with cash we changed the currency to Instagram pictures.

Take a picture from the event with the hashtag #hilliardsafterwork. The machine would detect that a picture was published within a 100 meters radius of the event with the specific hashtag via Instagrams API. The machine would than realease a can of beer to the person.

During a couple of months the machine toured around in Stockholms busy night life, making appearances in stores, agencies and co-working spaces.

Inside the vending machine we placed a Raspberry Pi, a 4G-modem and a router which talked to the Instagram API and instantly got notified when a new picture with the specific hashtag was uploaded. The computer released the can to the user and calculated how many cans were left in the machine and would notify when it needed to be refilled.