The raoul wallenberg

The worlds’ first AI powered compassion temperature scale.


Highlight the importance of compassionate leadership in a modern context and create awareness for Raoul Wallenberg Academy.


An algorithm that collects tweets in real time from 300 world leaders’  Twitter accounts. By using IBM Watsons’ AI, we analyze what they say and which emotions they express. Combined with the reach of every tweet the algorithm calculate the current compassion temperature.


The campaign reached every Swede 2.5 times in the week of launch and social media impressions up by 4890%. The tool will be used as a part of Swedish education in schools.

🥇 Gold – Lovie Awards
🥇 Gold – PIAF Awards (technology)
🥇 Gold – European Excellence Awards
🥇 Gold – Sabre Awards (digital)
🥇 Gold – Guldnyckeln (data)
🥇 Gold – Spinn (innovation)
🥇 Gold – Spinn (social media)
🥈 Silver – Spinn (campaign)
🥈 Silver – 100-wattaren
🎖️ Honoree – Webby Awards  
🎖️ Diploma – Guldägget
🎖️ Diploma – Epica Awards

Case study
Introduction to the algorithm
The globe shows the current compassion temperature
Users can go back in time to see the temperature shift

How it works

The algorithm processes the Watson's analyze of the tweets and combined with the reach of every tweet it calculates the degree of compassion
Tweets analyzed by Watson